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Wells was first and foremost a cheater. Michael's true identity as "The People's Puppet" was revealed on Day 9, and he then left the house. The drunk driver, Clark Morse, received a minimum of 28 years in prison for his crime. However, this was not the real task. In the United Empire casino postcode, Las Vegas is the largest casino market.

The housemates passed this task and won a Caribbean BBQ party.

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He was given 3 questions voted for by the viewers to ask his fellow housemates. Michael chose to save his own, leaving everyone else's suitcases to be shredded in front of them in the garden. Later that day, the genies successfully completed all of the evictee's wishes and passed the task. But, what they were not told of was that the rest of the housemates could hear this.

Paybacks refund part of your bet when you lose. Each task they successfully completed within the time limit would go towards the amount of money they could spend on the weekly shopping budget.

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The man gained worldwide fame from his gambling exploits. A further three were based in Hong Kong, China. The rest of the housemates were tasked with trying to get Sophie to deliver these expressions.

Big Brother had placed in the house beforehand a series of objects which the house thought they would have to memorise for the task, however, it was later revealed that the task would be based on a series of conversations that took place earlier that day.

How he got there is amazing. Each headline matched with the name of the correct housemate won the house a watergun and an ice lolly. However, this secretly meant that these housemates would actually be up for eviction.

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Voting opened to the public as to which duo would enter the Safe House for its second week. For this task, housemates thought they had to solve a dilemma, using a set of mysterious props and puzzles placed in the garden by Big Brother.

We did land on the Moon. Gina and Sallie correctly guessed six of Michael's choices and therefore won a party for them and six housemates of their choice Charlie, Dan, Hazel, Wolfy, Jack and Joe and Michael, whose invite was automatic as he was Head Housemate later that night.

The team used card countinga technique that reveals whether upcoming cards are primarily high or low. The team won big. Exits On Day 24, Jackie broke her arm after slipping and falling on it in the garden. They even formed an investment company just to handle their bankroll.

Gina passed her series of tasks above, and was rewarded with a treat at the end of the day for being a true friend to Big Brother.

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The rest of the house had to pretend that they could and did not hear anything that had been said; in doing so, a reward would be earned. However, one of the locks could only be unlocked if they selected the right key.

The housemates were asked a series of questions relating to what they thought of their fellow housemates by Big Brother. Sam was sent to the jail as punishment for not keeping his identity hidden. The housemates later passed the task. If housemates correctly guessed more than half of Jack and Joe's impersonations correctly, they would win a slap-up meal of their choice, to be delivered to the house later that day.

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Twists On Day 31, Hazel and Daley were chosen next to enter the secret Safe House, meaning that they were, among their other privileges, immune from the weekly eviction. Both were then escorted backstage to be talked to by Big Brother in the Diary Room, before they both entered the Safe House see twists. Punishments On Day 11, as punishment for discussing nominations, Hazel, Jackie, Joe and Jemima were sent to the jail in the garden.

MGM Sean Connery grew up around gambling, even going with his father on gambling runs in his youth.

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The infected housemates were subjected to Big Brother's attempts at curing the virus, and if they were cured they could return to the main house in preparation for the final part of the task.

However, the housemates did not know that they were being tested on how closely they matched Dexter and Gina's answers and that the headlines they had been given were not real.

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Then other members would simply distract the dealers with huge bets of their own, ignoring the count and roughly breaking even. The team who allotted the most time after all three team members of the team had had a turn would win the task. First, he lost all the money back in Monte Carlo. In this task, housemates were divided into two teams of seven Blue and Purple Brains in a challenge of memory.

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While there, Charlie took a crack at roulette. The city is the first home of Las Vegas Sands, a group of high-end resorts offering gaming and entertainment, palace casino resort 158 howard ave biloxi ms 39530 owned by celebrity chefs, nightclubs and conventions facilities, as well as accommodation.

When big casino wins 2014 expect high cards, they should raise their bets. Dropping any of the items would mean that they failed the task. Jake wrote a trivia e-book filled with crazy stuff like the kind you just read in this list. She married her boyfriend Terry Brennan two weeks later. Her friend played briefly, and then Demauro took the dice in her hands.

For this task, she had to fabricate fan mail for herself and her fellow housemates and as she completed her task successfully, she won a reward. He was so well known that his breaking of the bank inspired a popular song of the time.

Threlfall was in a television studio watching Armstrong live as the astronaut planted his footprint all those miles away.