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Now, the winner can be determined: Let money and bet be variables of type int to represent these quantities. We could ask the user after each game whether she wants to continue. To avoid having an overabundance of variables in your subroutine, remember that a function call such as userHand.

In the loop, if the value of userHand goes over 21, then the whole subroutine ends. Input the user's bet if the bet is 0: Enter 0 to end. With these refinements, the algorithm becomes Create and shuffle a deck of cards Create two BlackjackHands, userHand and dealerHand Deal two cards into each hand if dealer has blackjack User loses and the game ends now If user has blackjack User wins and the game ends now Repeat: To make things interesting, give blackjack language user dollars, and let the user make bets on the game.

Slot aparati prodaja should record the return value and test it to see whether the user won.

Note that the dealer wins on a tie, so if both players have Blackjack, then the dealer wins. Now, it's the dealer's chance blackjack language draw. E[ edit ] even money When the dealer shows an ace and the player has a blackjack, the player can opt for even money and is paid immediately at 1: For example, to deal two cards into each hand, we just have blackjack language say dealerHand. This is called a "Blackjack".

Otherwise, the user wins. This is the longest and most complex program that has come up so far in the exercises. All the user's cards are dealt face up.

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This algorithm can be translated into the main routine in the program given below. We need variables to represent the amount of money that the user has and the amount that the user bets on a given game.

The loop ends when the user wants to "stand". We can add the card to a hand with the addCard instance method from blackjack language Hand class. If the user Hits, there is a possibility that the user will go over The computer acts as the dealer. We can determine the winner by comparing the values of their hands.

User wins and game ends now if dealerHand. If the dealer has gone over 21, the user wins.

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The player with Blackjack wins the game. One point of coding is the question of how to deal a card to the user or to the dealer. Although there are many other details to get right, it's mostly routine from here on. At any point in the subroutine, as soon as you know who the winner is, you can say "return true;" or "return false;" to end the subroutine and return to the main program.

If the user loses, subtract the bet from the user's money. We can do this in one step, if we want. Give user a card if userHand.

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F[ edit ] first base The betting spot located to the dealer's left, which is first to receive cards and first to act in non-tournament games. A new deck of cards is used for each game. Now, if the game has not ended, the user gets a chance to add some cards to her hand.

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If deck refers to the object of type Deck, then the function call deck. Again, if the value goes over 21, the whole subroutine ends. Give dealer a card if dealerHand. Of course, the major part of the problem is to write the playBlackjack routine. Things are a little complicated because the game can end at various points along the way.

The user can draw several cards, so we need a loop. The user makes a decision whether to "Hit", which means to add another card to her hand, or to "Stand", which means to stop taking cards.

For example, I expanded the step where it says "Ask whether blackjack squashies wants to hit or stand" to Display all the cards in the user's hand Display the user's total Display the dealers face-up card, i.

This is just a version of insurance, not a different bet. If the dealer has blackjack, the hand is a push, but the player receives two times the value of the insurance, which is the same as the original bet. In outline, the game goes like this: In a casino, the dealer deals himself one card face up and one card face down. D[ edit ] double or double down After seeing his hand, a player can Double by placing an additional bet equal to his original bet and subsequently drawing one and only one additional card.

The cards are numbered from 0 to userHand. The user should see all the dealer's cards at this point. Break out of the loop. Two notes on programming: Then, the user plays Blackjack games until the user runs out of money or until the user wants to quit. Fortunately, the exercise gives what amounts to a fairly detailed outline of the algorithm.

Return true if the user wins, false if the dealer wins. Discussion Let's start by designing the main program. Otherwise, if the dealer's total is greater than or equal to the user's total, then the dealer wins. Here is an applet that simulates the program you are supposed to write. User loses and the game ends now while dealerHand. Ask whether user wants to hit or stand if user stands: In this phase, the user sees her own cards and sees one of the dealer's two cards.