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Coating it like I said is just a waste of money. I'm in Florida, land of the mobile home, and roof rubber gets a lot of action around these parts. I am not sure of the proper place to buy it when I do plan on it being done.

Especially after thinking we would eventually have to haul it to a landfill if we could not repair the roof.

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Personally I would remove that crap and go with someone thing more durable… APP … So your saying there rooferj, that coating an existing rubber roof with a top rated rubberized coating is bad advice? It took me a couple of weeks to get it on the camper, as we've had a very rainy summer, almost every single day.

It's clean, white, and dry!

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We did not want a band aid look. I was thinking that we could possibly tackle the job next year.

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It states on the website that it is used on EPDM roofs. It was also reasonably easy to apply.

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Any suggestions on material to review before doing like books etc? The only problem, other than the rain, that I encountered is the heat. Furthermore, I noticed a few replies about the rubber coatings like liquid rubber.

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The sandpaper removes the small amount of dirt that may have accumulated at the surface of the crack and leaves a little ABS residue in the crack. We used white and although it is not an exact match, you can't tell from more than 3 feet away from the surface.

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We don't get much rain here from may to November so that is not a problem but it does get hot, so,thanks for,the skin tip, guess I will have to work fast or break it up into small blocks. I enclosed one picture of the seams coming apart.

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Maybe others don't care about aesthetics. Lots of questions and thanks for all your help.

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In most cases the membrane itself is still good and some good maint done by a real roofer will get the customer another 20 years.