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Now that I have been overseas I have an idea of how I would do it differently if there is a next time. I attended my granddaughter's graduation on Friday and I really missed the 6D. Here is their reply: If it is an international warranty you will be able to have it repaired as long as you send a copy of the warranty in at time of repair. The widest lens I had was my On a different note what was it like downgrading from FF to a basic crop camera?

I can tell you that in Edinburgh a is not nearly wide enough even on a FF.

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We found card write speed can vary depending on the camera. I think you just have to ask the retailer, check the warranty as well. The card came out cleany and the new one seated just fine except I got the message that the camera could not read the card.

I regret the difficulty this causes. All three cards had been used with the 6D without incident prior to this. The buffer capacity is over twice the size of the D buffer. That being said I shot over photos and I am in the process of sorting and post processing. That being said I was fortunate to be able to pick p the D in Paris and continue shooting.

It was a great experience. I tried a third card with no luck.

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I had been using the 6D for about 5 months. The D is not a bad camera, but it is not a low light camera. In continuous shooting with a fast CF card, the camera captured 28 30MB RAW files at high frame rate before slowing to approximately 3.

I wanted each cities shots on a different card.

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Canon did not disclose which memory cards were used, but we were able to estimate the card speed. It was fixed under warranty so there was nick middleton global casino charge. Shucks, at least with digital when it stops working you know. Post Reply Preview garywebb01 4 years ago I had been using the 6D for about 5 months.

Glad to have it back. I was not happy and wound up taking the bus into Paris and purchasing a D to finish the trip. Post Reply Preview garywebb01 4 years ago I received my Canon 6D back today restored to proper working order. I was amazed how different it felt after such canon 6d memory slot short time. Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover the camera within the United States.

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The 7D Mark II maintains a high frame rate longer when using faster cards. The 7DII buffer limit appears to be based on the amount of data in the buffer, not a set number of shots.

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The thing I missed the most was the low light capability and the ability to shoot at a high ISO wiht very little noise. It was only 5 months old. The number of shots depends not only on card speed, but camera settings and file size which changes with image subject.

I popped it out and tried again with the same result. Slower cards caused the buffer to fill sooner in as few as 5 secondsafter which the frame rate to dropped significantly down to 1 fps with the slowest card.

I spent a week in London, Paris, and Edinburgh. Processing differences in image formats, including a delay between when an image is taken and when it is processed and ready to be written account for some variance.

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The problem was diagnosed a a broken canon 6d memory slot board. I have contacted Canon and will be sending the unit in for repair. Good to hear it all worked out in the end, still annoying as I hardly touch my rebel now that I have my 6D, it's such a pleasure to use. Post Reply imarker 4 years ago garywebb These nubmers are given for several image formats using two different memory cards.

My previous camera, the 60D was a crop camera. Planned the trip of a life time for a year. The camera received no bumps or knocks and the cards all worked prior to leaving. Its a tricky canon 6d memory slot with the warranties but you can buy overseas with international warranties. It may also be valid in the rest of the European Union, too. Canon published maximum burst numbers in the Canon manual page When I tried to reinsert the original card I got the message again.

I guess that's why professionals always have a backup.