Casino brand montreux 1971. The Modern Historian: On this day in history: Montreux Casino fire,

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After the fire was over hundreds of slot csi were NOT collected from the cloakroom where you leave your winter coats it gets very cold in Switzerland in Decemberand a few days later, when they were looking for name tags inside the coat pockets to see who the owners were, they found drugs in all the garments!

I actually thought that the fire was part of the show!! I was sitting very close to the front, on a cushion on the floor, around the 4th or 5th row with my English girlfriend Cecily and a Swiss friend. It spread very quickly… I was heavily engrossed in the concert.

In the late s, it also started hosting concerts by jazz, blues and rock artists, becoming the venue for the Montreux Jazz Festival inunder the direction of Claude Nobs.

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People pushing to get out pushed the people back who were trying to get in!! Deep Purple members were all in the audience and were shocked enough to write their world wide hit: The rest is history.

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It was a beautiful Swiss winter day, cold but no rain. Remember that it was a very old building first built in and practically all made of timber and thus highly inflammable.

A national emergency was announced and police, firemen, medical staff, came from all over the area.

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Many years later I jumped at the chance of seeing Frank Zappa playing a live show at the famous Montreux casino on the edge of the lake of Geneva in the French speaking part of Switzerland. All the chairs had been removed.

The centre beam holding the roof up had already crashed to the floor and was engulfed in flames. So the fire started right above where the boy was sitting on the low lying ceiling beams. In blondie sands casino fire, every second counts.

I heard later that he had helped saved many lives. Casino brand montreux 1971 could only see the beauty and not feel the danger!

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The casino brand montreux 1971 was consuming the whole of the ceiling first, before spreading to other parts of the building. People were trying to break them with their fists and their shoes but the glass was thick and would not break so easily. Frank Zappa was playing again as the drum set had been fixed, and he had written a song about Switzerland, Swiss cheese and all that.

Fortunately, the fire caused only a few injuries and no fatalities.

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Customised search for historical information 4 December On this day in history: There were Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling and lots of colorful paper mache. I had taken a strong dose of an illicit drug and was totally engrossed by the show. They just played a few bars from that song, and then dropped their instruments and quickly made their way off the stage down a small staircase without having to go into the audience.

Seeing as there were NO CHAIRS, when the fire started each and every person could head straight for the nearest exit without having to stumble over hundreds of chairs and thus causing valuable loss of time.

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When the music stopped people got up in a daze and started to make their way out of the building. Although there were no seats all the Swiss sat in nice rows starting in front of the stage. There was a large door on the right hand side as you face the stage but I do not know if it was open or cIosed.

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Once the windows were broken the air came in and the flames jumped up and headed straight towards us. They were in Montreux at the time, intending to record their new album in the casino using the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio as the tourist season ended.

Because Frank had such a crazy reputation, I and many other fans too, thought that anything could happen at one of his shows!

The building was on the second floor, or at least half a floor up, so it was quite a jump. Obviously the owners never went to collect them! The rebuilt Montreux Casino reopened in with its place in rock history assured. I had been to the auditorium several times before, and usually there were chairs with numbered seating. On 3rd DecemberFrank Zappa and the Mothers were playing a concert in the casino's ballroom when one of the audience fired a flare gun at the ceiling.

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