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Johnson has created his own listing: Well, apparently back in the early s when these chips were scheduled to be destroyed, the concept was a little looser.

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Be sure to tell them that VegasTripping sent you and they'll look at you and say "who? Breaking though a concrete floor of the former Diamonique Club of the Ormsby House, construction workers confirmed a year rumor about buried casino chips.

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Johnson hopped in his truck and drove to the mini-mart parking lot. The player hit the rail after failing to hold up against Michael Copeland.

Michael Copeland Leads the Pack of Nine

Nine-handed play will commence at 1 pm local time and the remaining contenders will play down to a winner. Regardless, these blocks are a great piece of history and would make a killer conversation piece in any die hard gambler's collection.

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First picture shows what a little cleaning can do. There is a long list of chips from closed or sold casinos that turn up after the fact.

It is also important to note that action will resume from Level 33 with blinds atAt one point, construction crews began to use a Bobcat front-end loader to dig deep into the sand pile to uncover more chips. This is not the first time that chips marked for destruction get buried instead.

Copeland secured a big chip advantage over everyone else left in contention. Aaron Messmer with 4.

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Possibly 20, chips found! You'll also be signed up to receive e-newsletters from Antique Trader and partners. Other discoveries found thier way into casino chip collecting lore as well: Nowadays, the Nevada Gaming Control Board handles obsolete chip demolition.

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Follow vegastripping Back in the old days, casinos used to dispose of their obsolete chips in one of two ways - boating out to the middle of Lake Mead and tossing them overboard, or dumping them in concrete foundation of a new casino. The player was the only one of all nine to have passed the ten million mark. In Carson City, construction workers excavating a concrete floor in the former Diamonique Club of the Ormsby House, uncovered a trove from the Travelodge Casino.

However, there are just nine of them left in contention and it is a matter of hours before it becomes clear who will be the one to claim the title. He looked among the diggers, some of whom traveled from Salt Lake City, miles away, and began digging himself.

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The chips were from a casino in Carson City named the Travelodge, which was open for just a year from to The discoverey proved true a long time rumor that casino chips had been buried near the area for years, said Al Fiegehen, principal owner of the Cubix Corp.

Even if you don't want these, you should still go to Spinetti's Spinetti's actually has all the stuff that you've always wanted to find at the Gamblers General Store. The nine hopefuls are set to resume action at the Live At The Bike studio located inside the host casino.

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Should you be interested in procuring one of these lovely chunks of Vegas history, you can find them at Spinetti's Gaming Supplywhich just moved to the perfect location - right next door to the Gamblers General Store. All chips from the establishment are required by law to be destroyed. Sheldon Smith August 18, Stopping for a soda on his way home from work, Mike Olson spotted a few men digging in a pile of sand near a construction site behind a mini-mart in Carson City, U-spin slot machines. The massive field of the event was generated through sixteen starting flights, played over eight days.

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Jorge Pineda collected the second largest stack last night worth 7. Very apropos methodologies for a business steeped in mob protocol, innit? Being that these chips are thrashed from spending 30 years trapped in concrete, their collectible value casino chips in cement less on the collectors market.

As for Copeland, the chips he collected from Nguyen helped him cement his lead. The Nevada Gaming Commission regulations regarding casinos that have been closed or sold are very clear.

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Dirty from huge hoard of chips found this week! The player bagged and tagged a massive stack at the end of the day and will thus lead the nine finalists into the final Day 3 with 19 million in chips. As late as Aug. And then he saw them: Following a quick call to his friend, casino chip collector Doug Johnson, the two were soon scooping up handfuls of chips that were from a Carson City casino called Travelodge, which closed in The Travelodge Casino chips themselves make their discovery even more fascinating.

Erik Nason with 5.

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What were these chips doing in a parking lot? This was the largest WPT tournament in terms of flights featured.