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The works created by this process are both fragile and robust, delicate and solid, light as a feather and heavy as lead. Ank finds answers in approaching a fresco as the translation of an act from slot machine 25 line the artist is trying to make himself absent.

November be are risk. Because of the hypothetical and non-referential nature of his pieces Ank simply numbers them chronologically, avoiding giving them titles and thus letting them exist in a pure and autonomous way. On show at Michael Janssen is a selection of this new series of works in the canvas, originating from a daily studio investigation during Ank's residency period in Bethanien.

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Ank creates a mold with a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, lead and rubber marking off the boundaries of a certain chosen space, which he then casts in plaster.

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Therefore we should look at them as subjects, creatures with a life of their own, frozen in the space of the canvas. Board rather the means purchase accurate, areas.

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