Casino salsa debutant, dissipating misconceptions: is casino a “style” of salsa dancing? | son y casino

So, with all this said, why do people refer to casino as salsa? But that is the name of the dance: Y styles and the dance of casino are danced to the same music: Only by going back to son music, and son dancing, was I fully able to experience what a beautiful—and rewarding—dance casino could be.

Since you've been dancing On1, the timing of the steps is no different. Because casino predates salsa, this means that people were dancing casino in Cuba, back uk mobile casino sites the s, to casino salsa debutant else. The short answer is: Tell them you dance casino.

Also Cuban salsa doesn't use much arm styling.

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But normal Cuban style salsa, i. Casino is choreographically different than salsa. Casino is not salsa for three main reasons. Rueda de Casino is a group dance that has no maximum limit of partners nor an equal number of leaders or followers.

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What is cuban salsa?! And, if they are further interested, they will look it up, or ask you to show them. Let dancing roulette call the dance of casino by its name, shall we?

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Today, numerous Rueda de Casino schools exist, not only throughout Cuba and the United States, but around the world. You may have heard the term "in-the-slot".

Cours de Salsa Débutant (Gratuit)

Salsa Rueda Passion wishes to involve every member of the community and to share our passion for the dance through education, practice, and performance. July 20, Chances are, if you live outside of Cuba, you were introduced to the dance of casino through a plethora of names.

Also since cuban style salsa is rotational they really don't do spins.

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The most important difference between Cuban salsa and US salsa styles is that in the US the motion is backwards and forwards in a straight line. But then you have the biggest casino dance show produced in Cuban television history, which ran from towhich was called Para Bailar Casino, not Para Bailar Salsa. They set out to dance salsa.