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Cobra slot head picture below is actually from my SVT Stuff page, with the new mounts visible at the back corners of my "custom" radiator cover.

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If you have to have a factory part, this radiator is one that is worth keeping your eyes open for since they definitely work. To date, my new heat exchanger has performed flawlessly. Not only are the 6mm bolts known to strip, they can easily break off in the flange they are M Stant, by the way, makes the OEM Motorcraft thermostats, so you can't go wrong here.

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Overall, I've never seen any hard data to confirm the effectiveness of any of these HCM's, but it's easy enough to see that the diversion of the hot coolant could be of some benefit. If you need a new one and don't have any luck on the used market or with repair, this could do the trick.

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While there is a higher priced option out there already, it is not high-tech either and has been tweaked in the same manner. As for the factory pump, one of its shortcomings is the stamped impeller.

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Mine is on the new Aluminatorand so far is performing flawlessly. With my SCT X3 tuner, you only have the option to set the on points for the low- and high-speed fan, but some give the option to set the on AND off points. If you are someone who loves the metal covers that have the "Terminator" etching on them, they can be found casino bregenz gutscheincode through various sources.

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Next, the extruded tubes allow for the charge air to flow smoother since they are rounded off - somewhat minor, but another plus. Additionally, they are a ten-row design in contrast to the Garrett nine-row, and have cores that differ slightly: I think I'll be happy to keep the boring stock stuff here.

Also, if the sealant between the mounting plate and intercooler body deteriorates, hotter intake air will end up leaking around the cooling fins, which could lead to increased intake temperatures.

With my new Whipple installed see my Engine pageit was accompanied by this intercooler, especially since it was acquired at yet another fantastic deal.

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This was not the case with the original LDC and Apten kits, but the situation changed with the larger billet aluminum fittings. They are also U.

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There is actually quite a lot involved on the engineering side of these, and without getting too much in to fluid dynamics, it is really all about flow rate for us. For the eBay fans, look them up as "cmdelk" since they do list it there as well.

Nothing like helping enthusiasts save a little of their hard-earned cash! Even better, the dimensions are the same as the one Ford installed in Dearborn - an exact fit in the factory housing - which means precise coolant flow.

In any case, if you chose to toss the factory tanks, there are other options.

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