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The lid snaps on either wide mouth or regular canning jars. Just the thing if you make handmade liquid soap or lotion. My guests think I'm being my quirky trendy self instead of being too cheap and too lazy to buy a bunch of reusable party cups and find a place to store them in my tiny house.

The galvanized lid adds country charm.

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Also, Cuppow sounds like anti gambling groups canada you see in a comic book when the hero punches the villain. My school kid desk lamp was a pickle jar filled with seashells we gathered on vacation.

I store my brown sugar in a mason jar to keep it from clumping into a rock.

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I added affiliate links to this post for your convenience. The Maguson is a one piece cap and spout that fits regular size canning jars. After all of those beverages you should probably eat something. That is why I use a reusable glass straw when I drink out of a mason jar in the first place. The top is spill resistant BPA free silicone and fits on a jelly jar to make it a mason jar kid's cup although they say all ages appreciate the grippable silicone jar sleeve that comes with the lids.

Cover the edge of the jar lid with the washi tape. Clean the front of the jar with a cotton ball soaked in a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Besides, drinks served in mason jars look cute.

It was only a matter of time until my empty mason jar collection started to hold more than home canned food.

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You can use it as a crayon sharpener too If you get your hands dirty with all of that money counting, accounting or crayoning the Decorative Soap or Lotion Mason Jar Dispenser Kit get more info here turns a standard canning jars into a soap dispenser.

Mason jar soap pump I use a mason jar to grow alfalfa sprouts on my kitchen counter.

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This will clean any oil from your hangs that may be on the glass and allow your elements to adhere to the glass. Instant mason jar lunchbox! The cutout straw top makes me think of pink lemonade. If you are planning a wedding reception, you should save your pennies.

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How Little House on the Prairie is that?! I had a cupboard full of empty mason jars after we ate the vegetables I canned from our tiny garden. Coin slot jar lid Mod Podge to the back of the map with a paint brush and glue it to the top of the jar lid and allow it to dry. Use the craft knife to cut the map to the size of the coin slot in the jar lid. I don't coin slot jar lid why. I am so talented that I can spill and wear my drink even when I use a straw.

They have stainless steel and BPA free silicone versions. You can choose to drink from the just the jar drinking lid or use the Ecojarz lid with the reusable stainless steel straw that comes with it. You need to supply your own straws with the Daisy top.

Don't tell Husband, K? Have you tried them? Save your pennies and find your next adventure! This sprouting lid fits onto regular size mason jars. In a well ventilated area, use the E glue to attach the toy compass and airplane charm to the jar and allow it to dry.

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Spaghetti sauce jars might be my next kitchen collectible. Now you can tote salad dressing to the jar too. The Ecojarz drink lid fits standard size canning, spaghetti, and applesauce jars.

How do you use mason jars? Washi tape is thin so I had to coin slot jar lid two layers of washi tape to make sure the writing on my jar lid did not show through. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge over the map with the paint brush to seal it and allow it to dry.

Where do you want to go? Canning jar oil lamp? I fell down the Internet rabbit hole searching for mason jar drinking lids, pencil sharpener lids, lamp canning jar lids you name it.

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Four steps to the left is a long row to hoe. Apparently I am not the only one who finds mason jar lid hacks useful. Take that disposable cup! It started innocently enough. With all of that canning jar banking, you'll have to do some accounting. You can get more information about my reusable and unbreakable glass straw here.

Yep, there a lid for that too.

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Use the alphabet stickers to add Adventure Fund to the front of the jar. Use the coin slot jar lid nose pliers to remove the compass from the keychain This just screams outdoor wedding reception. You can skip this step if you are using a pre cut coin bank lid.

This one is really unique and cool. You can bank on it. I'm surprised at what cool and useful things I found. Rip or cut a map to the size of your liking to attach to the front of the jar.

The mason jar lamp fits regular size jars. Canning jars also fill in for drinking glasses when we have a party. I hate buying one use disposable plastic cups! Use the Dremel and cutting wheel to carefully cut an approximate 2 inch slit or longer if desired in the jar lid. I can live with that.

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