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If we would have known the free play expired in 90 days we would have used them up the next day before we left and flew home in fact she tried to use her free play in the early morning but was told the system was down for maintanence.

Eldorado Slot club Apr 11,7: When we asked when the points expired we were told 14 months not the 90 days. Reward Dollars can be redeemed directly at the restaurant or lounge by presenting your card. Each tier level offers exciting corresponding rewards, all while eldorado slot club bellinzona enjoy the exclusive benefits of the most player-friendly club available.

What is my Tier Score? If your card has not been read, you may need to reinsert your card. Each property offers unique Tier Benefits.

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I still see their slot club is still secretive. You can use Reward Dollars at any Eldorado Resorts property, no matter what property you earned them from.

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A valid ID will be requested for redemption at the outlet. It is a rolling month total score that determines your Tier Status. Follow the prompts to download Reward Dollars for Free Play, being careful to download only the amount you want to play. Your Tier Score accumulates as you play.

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We would have actually have tried to make a trip there to get the comped rooms and use the free play and gambled there instead of Las Vegas if it would have been the 14 months they told us it was. As you move up in Tier Status, your benefits increase. By joining ONE Club and using your card you will receive benefits, rewards, and recognition for your play at all Eldorado properties.

The slot club isn't very clear on their rules so now looks like we will be out several hundred dollars on free play as I don't think we will be able to fly out there again so soon and having the casino erase your free play so soon dosn't exactly give you an incentive to go back" What got me really mad is I wrote a polite letter to them explaining we were told wrong information by the staff and in any case lost hundreds of dollars think it was between and dollars because they told us they expired in 14 months not 90 days and in any case we tried to use the free play before eldorado slot club bellinzona left the next day but their system was down.

Free Play cannot be redeemed directly for cash; it can only be played on slot machines or VLTs.

ONE Club, ONE-OF-A-KIND Rewards

Your Tier Status is good for one year from the date earned. Reward Dollars can be used for a variety of rewards - the choice is up to you how and when you redeem them. Guests must present a valid government issued ID and be 21 or older to join.

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I gave it a good review but here is what was so wrong Here is what I wrote. The card reader will indicate if your card has been read and indian casino in bakersfield ca name will be displayed with a welcome message.

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All and All I loved the casino but this last minute bait and switch left a bad taste in my mouth. What are Reward Dollars? You can also merge your account with your partner to earn tier status faster.

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It's on here if you guys want to check. You will see your Reward Hvordan slutte med gambling earned for your playing session as well as your Reward balance on slot machines or VLTs when 0909 roulette card is inserted. At table games, please present your card to the dealer when you sit down at a table game.

In addition to Tier Benefits, you will receive additional offers based on play via mail or email such as Free Play, events and promotions.

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Just ask any team member for the closest enrollment location. Tier Scores cannot be redeemed for anything - it is a measurement to track your Tier Status only. After inserting your card, you will be asked to input your PIN Number.

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They never even so much as replied. And keep your status for one year!

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There is no fee or obligation to join. Once you earn your status, you get to keep it for ONE full year! Using your card each time you play will ensure you receive the best offers and benefits.

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