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Formed a shield to prevent Zeru 's flames from consuming Shizuru, Keiko and Botan during the Dark Tournament; later used to defend against Yakumo's energy blast. Yusuke - learned Spirit Shotgun, Spirit Wave, and had his Spirit Power greatly improved by Spirit Cuffs in the manga, he tells Koenma that he learned how to make bursts of Spirit Energy and focus them on a target, but this was never demonstrated Jin - learned Tornado Fist Explosion and gained some control over electricity Toya - learned Ice Absorption and gained a better range to his Frozen Hell Chu - demonstrated limited levitation as well as a Headbutt that could shatter mountains Rinku - learned how to use his toes to control Yo-Yos as well.

In the manga at this point Genkai had died of natural causes, but still makes the same speech through a letter. Afterwards, she fights Shishiwakamaruwho takes off her mask and sees an old woman. Then she strikes her opponent in the chest.

Yusuke gambling grandma shirt to balance himself up with only his finger on a needle for 12 hours to learn how to focus his energy on a specific point like Yusuke's spirit punchmeditate on burning coals, sleep on a bed of nails, as well as be hit point blank by potentially lethal energy attacks to build up his energy blocking techniques.

While fighting the Dr. Rinku and Jin also mention things like being forced to spend 4 weeks locked in a cave along with being buried alive with snakes and other things. In the Dark Tournament, Genkai demonstrated her ability to use a far-more powerful version of Yusuke 's Spirit Gun by firing a massive blast strong enough to reduce a very large stone to pebbles, as well as the forest behind it, before it hurled up into the sky behind it.

Raigo was shocked by the fact that someone was able to defend against Yakumo's attacks. It works by using the opponent's energy as a source of power, rather than your own. It was not to be, however, as the group excluding Botan were all forced into the cave when they found themselves confronted with Amanuma's territory.

Genkai unleashes a burst of invisible Spirit Energy out of her hands to clear smoke while attempting to check on Mitarai and Botan. Fighting Style Edit Genkai in her younger years. Genkai puts Yusuke through the test, which nearly kills him, but successfully Younger Genkai in the Dark Tournament integrates the energy into his body.

After the Doctor is defeated, Genkai heals him up abit so Yusuke won't carry the guilt of unintentionally killing him. Interestingly, for a period of weeks during his initial training with her, Yusuke was forced to sleep with snakes and was not allowed to bathe or shower something Suzuki hated during his own training with Genkai.

Chapter Black Saga Edit Later, it is revealed that Genkai was brought back to life and had been healing in a secret compound all this time. During the scuffle with the psychic, Genkai showered some rare praise for her disciple, acknowledging him as winner of the Dark Tournament and saying he fights like a genius when he has to.

With her help, Kuwabara was able to survive after having several of his bones broken by Rando, and recovered at a much faster rate.

If the opponent is evil, they will be destroyed, but if they are pure of heart, their bodies will be purified as well. In the manga, at the time gambling grandma shirt her death, she leaves her vast land to Yusuke and his friends. After Murota is injured by Snipershe sees through the supposed "bullet," exposing it as a pencil eraser fired telekinetically from a distance of over yards, also deducing that it was timed to happen when Sensui looked at the group from the crowd.

In battle, Genkai possesses a great amount of fighting experience, thus shaping her into a keen minded fighter and master tactician. Not to be confused with her Fighting Style, or Yusuke's close-ranged blast, which all share the same name in the English dub.

Genkai returns Kaito's soul back to his body twice.

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He is initially reluctant to comply with Koenma's orders, but after Botan offers him a ticket to the next mixed martial arts match at Tokyo Dome in exchange for his cooperation, he readily agrees. In the anime, during this encounter, she also protects Shizuru and Keiko, who are in the hospital looking for Kuwabara and Yusuke, respectively.

Genkai knew everyone's positions within the forest by reading their Spirit Energy signatures. She sends three psychicswho had come to her compound seeking her advice and help reinserting Yu Kaito's soul which he had removed by his own power into his body, to test Yusuke and gambling grandma shirt friends with them winning in the long run with the intent of teaching them that they need to be more careful on their new mission, not being irrationally overconfident in their abilities as they all with the exception of Kurama have demonstrated in the past as well as during Genkai's elaborate ruse.

Used to increase spirit energy cena en casino gran madrid, a bearer of these cuffs needs to actively cycle spirit energy throughout their entire body in order to simply move, let alone fight.

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Genkai then fought the "beautiful" Suzukawinning without using any spirit energy. However, right before the fourth match, Genkai reveals her true identity to Yusuke. Still, the effects of her training have been demonstrated the effects on the demons were only demonstrated in the anime and just mentioned in the manga casino service clients all of them surpassing theyoukai power levels.

Soul Restore Soul Return: In Genkai's case, her early twenties. Considering its deadly nature,this seems to be one of her most powerful techniques but also one of the most difficult to perform given the long chant and the sheer amount of Spirit Energy required.

Genkai explains that she is going to transfer most of her Gambling grandma shirt Energy through her succession technique the Spirit Wave Orb, explaining that despite the danger, it was the roulette sweets way for Yusuke to defeat Toguro since Yusuke is no match for Toguro at his present level and Genkai herself is too old to defeat him.

A purification technique that Genkai uses to free the enslaved fighters of Team Ichigaki. Her abilities are so great that even doctors were stunned how rapidly he recovered. However, as a result of her aging, Genkai has grown weaker, albeit while still remaining much more powerful than the average human.

Genkai uses this technique, which blasts out a spray of energy bullets that look vaguely like her clenched fist, to clear an entire barge of the demons looking to compete in the Dark Tournament. Used during the screening exam she held to find her successor.

During the Black Chapters Arc, she projected the trajectory of the eraser that hit Murota to as far as meteres. In the hospital, she destroys many of the Doctor's viral insects with her energy, gambling grandma shirt well as her considerable physical prowess.

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Ichigaki Team, the mask was ripped off and revealed a young woman, further concealing her identity. After arriving at Genkai's compound, he meets up with Kuwabarahis old rival. It works by using one's body as a center for spirit energy instead of only one's finger like in the Spirit Gunin a sense, making your whole body a weapon.

After chanting, a giant tornado of Spirit Energy appears at her finger tips, and then she unleashes a large burst of energy, in which attacking foes are caught and paralyzed.

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Yusuke is ordered by Koenma to enter so that he may flush out the demon, Randowho wishes to learn Genkai's power and then use it to his own sadist ends. She has consistently been noted to be one gambling grandma shirt the most powerful characters in the series and Yusuke would not be half as powerful if it were not for her training and Spirit inheritance.

During the all-to-real game of Goblin City, Genkai demonstrated superior skill with the joystick when she successfully won a game described as a "classic flight shooter. She then releases an invisible blast of Spirit Energy from her body and directs it at the two goons. Genkai can extend the range of her vision.

While training Yusuke for the Dark Tournament she was levitating by a cliffside. During the final stages of the tournament, Genkai fears that Rando will win, but despite Botan 's feelings, she refuses to do anything, as it would be unfair. Doing so returns your body to the time it was at its peak. Genkai's personal fighting style, coveted by humans and demons alike.

Thus, she is unable to use it against enemies who fight from far away or enemies who can change the harmonics of their energy, like Suzuka, thus she only uses this as a last resort. The process is painful, and death is a very-real possibility, but Yusuke succeeds out of his characteristic bullheadedness.

In the manga, she claims that in her youth, she could have achieved the same effect just by looking at them. However, this streak comes to an end when her former teammate, the cruel Toguro kills her with a massive single punch to the stomach after he deflected her third and final blast from her Spirit Wave.

And despite Botan's reluctance to see her friend die, she takes her gambling grandma shirt Spirit World. Genkai used this technique on Shishiwakamaru. She is last seen in the OVA, telling Hiei to not to view his sister as such a child in a scene that heavily implies Yukina learned who her brother is. When the self-proclaimed Rei Experts of Kyushu mountain villagers in the English anime confront Genkai about their rejection during the trial of lots, she deduces that they're too thick-headed to listen to anything but force.

Genkai was able to freeze Yusuke's arm just by touching it, preventing him from killing M1, M2, and M3. Genkai puts the candidates through a series of rigorous preliminary tests which involve the drawing of lots which indicate whether a candidate has sufficient spirit energy to contendarcade games designed to test one's spirit energy and a race through the dark forest, home to ancient demon spirits and beasts.

She also used this a few times during the Chapter Black saga, notably healing Minoru Kamiya aka the Doctor to avoid for Yusuke to carry a guilty conscience for being forced to try to kill him. The unofficial succession technique of her fighting style, and the bulk of her power, Genkai tests Yusuke one last time when she integrates it into his reserves.

Outraged, Shishiwakamaru attempts to have her disqualified, only to be stopped by Togurowho explains that her spirit wave technique is able to change her appearance. If this was done improperly, Kaito's soul would have been lost forever.

Around the time of her death, she possesses Puu one more time to help Yusuke make a decision. She suggests Team Urameshi be deployed into Demon's Door Cave as a first wave of tactical offense, while she and the remaining psychics stand by as a second line of defense. Luckily, Rando loses by having his own technique backfire on him, something Genkai scolds him for.