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How To Calculate Sports Betting Payouts: Betting 101

We have included a step-by-step example below to help your future calculations: Calculating horse race betting payouts can be difficult, especially with our pari-mutuel betting system where the odds and payouts are always changing.

Where can you calculate payouts?

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So, we have compiled a shortlist of our most frequently asked questions on the topic to answer all of your horse betting uncertainties. On this page you'll be able to convert sports betting odds using our sports betting calculator across the three different formats, or convert chance of winning percentages to each of the different formats, hassle-free and in a flash.

Input your type of odds, given odds, and total bet, and the betting calculator will handle the rest.

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What is the benefit of using a betting calculator? It is important to remember that with pari-mutuel betting, the odds and pools are subject to constant change.

Where can you calculate payouts?

The odds equivalent in all other formats will then be shown, as well as your expected profit. For more information on how and where to calculate payouts and place your online horse racing bets, you can visit MyWinners.

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We believe the of these best is Oddschecker which is by far the biggest research site for potential bettors, it also offers calculation tools to help you work out your winnings.

It is key to remember that horse race betting in the US, on and off-course, is mostly pari-mutuel. Win More At OnlineGambling.

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Then, subtract the wager you placed on your horse. If so, you would divide the payout by the bet you gambling payout calculator bet on your horse, and as mentioned prior, finish your calculation by rounding this number off to the nearest dime or nickel.

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What are the different types of odds? Nonetheless, the most popular form of horse race betting in the US is pari-mutuel, meaning that all the money invested from bettors is added to a pool for that race.

Calculating Payouts from Positive Moneyline Odds

Off-course horse race betting, such as betting online, can be transferred online into gambling payout calculator bank account. How do I collect my payout? Does pari-mutuel betting affect my odds and my payout? Whether you're into baseball, football, basketball, or racing, you will find odds in all three formats and a great range of markets to wager on and with our handy sports betting calculator, things couldn't be easier!

Now, put your knowledge to the test and sign up with one of our great sports betting sites.

Simple Odds Converter

Pay a visit to, and stay up to date with, our upcoming racing schedule. Payouts are determined by two factors: Alternatively, for off-track horse betting payouts, there are many online winnings calculator sites.

Expected value is the total amount that a punter can expect to win or possibly lose gambling payout calculator they place a wager on the same odds multiple times over. The odds equivalent in all other formats will then be shown, as well as your expected profit, odds, and payout.

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The first number will show how much you can win, when you place the second amount as a wager. Is a moneyline calculated differently?

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This leaves you with the amount to be paid out, you can stop here if you were only interested in horse betting payout. Expected value is calculated by multiplying your winning probability with the amount you could win per wager, then subtracting the losing probability multiplied by the amount lost per bet.

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There are many methods and places through which you can calculate your potential payout. Remember that you would also have your original bet returned to you, so add that value to the profit for your total payout figure.

Calculating Payouts from Negative Moneyline Odds

We hope you make good use of our sportsbetting odds calculator and our odds converter app on this page. Here's how our betting calculator works. To use, simply input your known odds in either Moneyline AmericanFractional UK or Decimal European odds into one of the boxes in the gambling odds calculator and click the convert button.

Yes, it is a bit complicated to understand, but that is the nature of the beast when it comes to moneyline odds. What is a horse race betting payout?

Understanding Betting Odds Calculators

Your on-course horserace betting winnings can be collected from one of the many on-site bookmakers. If the odds change then your potential payout will also change.

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We continue with our example below: Alongside working it out yourself using the method detailed above, when attending live horse races, information on payouts, and bookies, are located everywhere. Finally, on Gambling payout calculator shores, decimal odds are often the preferred choice.

When looking to make a bet, speed is key, something that our sports betting calculator can help with.

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The more wagers placed on one particular horse can mean that horse becomes the new favorite, tipping the odds. With online bets, you can expect the payout to appear in your cash statement up to approx.

MyWinners top FAQs Calculating horse racing odds and payouts can confuse even casino online pe bani most experienced bettors. Check out MyWinners horse race betting terms to better understand horse betting payout terminology.

The payout, unless stated otherwise, is figured at odds.

Payout calculator

What is expected value? Calculating the exact odds and payout for your bet can be a difficult task, however, after doing it once, it becomes a rule of thumb. But you can access additional support from MyWinners.

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How long will it take for me to receive my payout online? From there, you divide the right-hand side — one — by the total figure — free online roulette no sign up — giving the answer of Moneyline odds sometimes listed as US or American odds probably rank as the most confusing odds format out there, largely as it appears to be used exclusively in North America.

And check out our top picks and expert advice on how to wager your next on or off-course bet. Horse Race Betting Payouts Explained Share this page Tweet To understand how horse race betting payouts work we must first understand how they are calculated.