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Byhe had settled near Alpine and taken up ranching, branching out later to merchant and civic leader. Although I am considering the business which I have and the future for it in case I do sacrifice the growth of my business to enter race for Sheriff, but if the number of voters for this county think that I am the man to make this race I am for the people any and all times and will make the sacrifice.

Thompson died inbut his efforts came to fruition as the Maverick County Irrigation Canal system, operational by April Mescalaro Apaches emerged later and conducted raids that discouraged settlers.

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Jackson is known locally as the father of Sul Ross University due to his efforts that helped lead to the establishment of the school. Virgie Greaves Huggins died on December 1, King Fisher and his followers dominated the era in the region. Candidate In the spring ofMr.

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The county was organized some years later on September 4, The first Saturday in November, Terlingua now hosts two competing international chili championships: Native Americans[ edit ] Paleo-Indian hunter-gatherers existed there at least years ago.

He lived at Hattiesburg, Mississippi before coming to Gulfport. Whenever he shall do that, he will not find himself voting for an unclean man, a dishonest man. Gillett served as sheriff of Brewster County, and operated a ranch in Alpine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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He coached football at Biloxi in If the Christians of America could be persuaded to vote God and a clean ticket, it would bring about a moral revolution that would be incalculably beneficent.

The estimated population of the county in was Between andCol. Edwins and twelve deputies seized a large quantity of bonded whiskey and high volume alcoholic wine from an unidentified location on East Howard Avenue in Biloxi.

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He expired on January 25, while in office. President Wilson mobilized the National Guard to reinforce the Army, and by the end ofan estimatedguardsmen were stationed along the border from California to Texas.

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Eagle Pass was a major terminus of the Cotton Road, custom house and Confederate port of entry into Mexico It appeared that gambling was in progress at the time of the break-in as money and other evidence were found on the premises.

Polwas born at Pascagoula, Mississippi on January 25, The county still has a considerable ranching community. Fellow columnist Wick Fowler joined in the fun and became a charter member. Meador as their Sheriff.

Although about registered voters were expected to gambling raid henry county ballots in the race, the turnout was close to voters resulting in the election of Mr. Huggins, the denizens of Harrison County voted on March 10, for a new Sheriff. She was born at Biloxi on July 7, Prior to his election to Sheriff, Oscar L.

Inhe built the Gage Hotel in Marathon. The fort was reoccupied in The raid caused a larger military presence in the area.

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We will be selecting our leaders for local, state, and congressional offices. Although a number of events took place to effect policy change, the tipping point was the May 5, raid at Glenn Spring. Mary Ruth Edwins died circa June 19, In JuneGovernor James E.

Allen Smith in and has become a November tradition, celebrated across the state and nation. Remember Election Day, Tuesday. Virgie lost her office to Oscar L. We will be electing local, statewide, and congressional candidates. Both were buried at Evergreen in Gulfport, Mississippi. Eagle Pass voted against secession from the Union. Inrancher Patrick W.

Camel Corps under 2d Lt. The Daily Herald, March 9,p. Her corporal remains were interred the the 6th Addition of the Biloxi Cemetery. Vote on Tuesday Date Voting is a patriotic duty and gives you the opportunity to impact your culture with your Christian values.

The Daily Herald, Decemebr 22,p. Murphyville, later renamed Alpine, was selected as county seat.

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She lost her post to Oscar L. In addition to Oscar L. To the sound of drum and bugle, he wrapped the flag around the plume of his hat, weighted it with a stone from the river bank, and lowered it into the river.

Edwins announced that he was considering becoming a candidate for Sheriff of Harrison County with this statement: Voting is your God given Constitutional right that most citizens of other countries do not have.

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Three traders were murdered and mutilated by Lipan Apaches. If Christians should vote their duty to God at the polls, they would carry every election, and do it with ease Meador in the special election held on March 10, Ask your pastor or who ever makes announcements to verbally make the announcement to go vote.

Although about registered voters were expected to cast ballots in the race, the turnout for this special election was close to voters who elected Oscar L.

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Meador in a special election held on March 10, Then take to a copy machine and make enough copies to hand out to your church or to your friends. His corporal remains were interred the the 6th Gambling raid henry county of the Biloxi Cemetery. The request was denied by Maj.

He wrote, "A Christian's first duty is to God.

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Eagle Pass was chosen as a trade depot for the Military Board of Texas. It then follows, as a matter of course, that it is his duty to carry his Christian code of morals to the polls and vote them. A spinach-packing shed was at the southern edge of Eagle Pass. Among these was Infantry veteran Jesse Sumpter, who also worked at many odd jobs before becoming sheriff in the newly formed Maverick County.

Big Bend opened to the public in A cotton press was installed at Piedras Negras to handle the enormous quantities coming across the Rio Grande. Callahan and William R.

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They were joined in ranching operations by stranded pilgrims on the California Gold Rush trail and discharged Fort Duncan soldiers. A year later, a second camel expedition under 2d Lt. Remember to Vote on Tuesday. Meador was a salesman for the Swift Company at Gulfport and Hattiesburg.

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