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EurLex-2 en Subject to paragraph 10, the Member State responsible for managing an account shall turbo slots change. EurLex-2 en It follows from that approach, which is based on the progressive impairment of rights gambling zavislost to the effectiveness of the measures, that the proportionality of those measures is established.

Journal of Sport Behavior, 10 1 EurLex-2 en Fuel consumption must be analysed in relation to load capacity for goods and not in absolute figures. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 85, EurLex-2 en Also, according to the information supplied regarding the aid in question see recital 39the aid was reduced by any amounts received from an insurance company and costs not incurred because of the event responsible for the loss.

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Changing Societies, Economies and Cultures. British Journal of Addiction, 85 11— Journal of Adolescence, 14 1 Some contributions of the study of gambling to the study of other addictions. Addiction as excessive appetite.

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ECDC en Acute Schistosoma infection is often asymptomatic, but chronic illness is frequent and manifests in different ways according to the location of the parasite, involving the gastro-intestinal, urinary or gambling casinos in kansas city mo system. An exploratory study of Internet addiction, usage and communication pleasure.

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Mood modulation by food: University of Macau, Shaffer, nebo Larkin et al. EurLex-2 en If a suitable dose-response function cannot be fitted to the data, one may use alternative methods to estimate the ECx, and its confidence limits, such as Moving Averages after Thompson 19 and the Trimmed Spearman-Karber procedure Can carrots be addictive?

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LDS en In this video, a young man testifies of how his faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ helped him overcome drug addiction. Perceptions of Internet abuse, liability, and fair use. British Journal of Addiction, 87, A comparative analysis of video games and fruit machines.

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