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Jim Abigail Christensen, who lived on a neighboring farm less than a mile away. The opening dance was held on Thursday evening, April 29, Arnold officially opened the Indian Crossing Casino to the public.

Swenson spent most of his time living in the guest quarters one summer and subsisted mostly on hamburgers and pop that were served in one corner of the building. During the next 15 years that followed, the big name bands were making fewer and fewer appearances at he Casino.

Cornwell was the announcer.

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All afternoon there were sports events galore, from rowboat and canoe races to swimming and diving contests. Dean Jones, the regular drummer, was confined indian crossing casino waupaca wi the hospital recovering from a serious automobile accident, and missed playing on opening night. The most unusual feature of the Labor Day program at the Indian Crossing Casino was the appearance and singing of Mrs.

Gypsy Rose Lee, of Follies Fame, and her band.

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On night that there were no scheduled bands, the Casino could be rented out. A new orchestra was engaged for each dance night.

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The new attraction at the Casino opening of the Sugar Bowl, a snack bar that was built near the Casino dance hall, where the young people could purchase coffee, sandwiches, soft drinks and ice cream. Bring back the good-old days. The dance floor was completely enclosed by a wooden railing except for the two ticket gates, indian crossing casino waupaca wi it is today.

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He also starred on the drums for four years with the Benny Goodman Orchestra. Schaefer, violin; Harry Loose Jr.

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That is why they recently started hosting a blues festival. Many benefit dances were held while local and area bands played for old-time dances. Martin ran the Casino jointly until inwhen Mr. The Indian Crossing Casino opened its first season on May 4,under the new ownership of the LaSage families with platter dancing.

Cold beer, soft drinks and live music. While its important to hold on to traditions, Maria Belke also says changing with the times can also be a good thing. This was the beginning of the scheduling of big name bands. It was on July 1,that William R. It started out at 1 p. The tentative date for reopening the Casino after eight years was set for mid-summer, Arnold in her big car around the countryside on Mondays, taking down the old posters and replacing them with the new bills for the coming week.

There was no Sunday dancing at the Casino.

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Waupaca, being located on the Soo Line Railroad between Chicago and Minneapolis, offered a good opportunity for the Casino to engage big name bands to appear here on their travel between major engagements. In the Waupaca County Post for July 14,was this announcement: Prizes were given to the women.

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This big, open air pavilion was built on the north bank of the channel between Limekiln and Columbia lakes. They also have a weekly teen dance, which has been a favorite of Waupaca area high schoolers for decades.

After running the Casino for 15 years, he announced his plan to close the Casino on July 17,