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The 10 ms frame comprises two half frames, each 5 ms long. He joined a training and consulting company with focus on wireless communication and IP technologies in Stockholm, Sweden. Spatial multiplexing can be used to send data to UE's that have more than one receive antenna. The location of the PUCCH resource block in the second slot is the one that mirrors the location of the resource block in the first slot.

How Time Slot Allocation for Uplink and Downlink LTE

Channels contain data that originates at higher lte slot time. The base station broadcasts some basic cell information, including where random-access requests can be transmitted. The different sections of the illustration above are explained in the following sections. This means that the OFDM symbol duration is ms. It can be seen from the table below that the subframes 0 and 5 as well as DwPTS are always reserved for the downlink.

He is familiar with specific aspects of wireless network deployment in the European and American markets. Transmit diversity uses multiple C-RS antenna ports on the base station to transmit the hollywood casino stadium sports bar lte slot time of data as one antenna port.

In his role as a Senior Consultant at Award Solutions, Hooman has been involved in the creation and delivery of numerous courses in the area of RF and network performance engineering for tier 1 operators.

These include best practices and KPI definitions, vendor specific algorithm analysis and parameter descriptions. Uplink users transmit during subframes configured for uplink. Signals, which include the reference signal and sync signals, contain known information that does not originate from higher layers. PRACH format 4 begins in the guard period. Then the binary data from this scrambling process is split into chunks depending on the modulation type chosen 6 bits for 64QAM, 4 bits for 16QAM, etc.


Since codeword-to-layer mapping is basically a demultiplexing process, the total number of modulation symbols in all layers remains the same as that in the codewords. Codewords Codewords are simply separate streams of data that contain the information to be sent through a physical channel.

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Multiple antenna ports can be used to provide greater data reliability transmit diversity or to increase data rate spatial multiplexing. For uplink, the DC subcarrier does not exist because the entire spectrum is shifted down in frequency by half the subcarrier spacing and is symmetric about DC. Channel data undergoes several other steps before being mapped onto the OFDM subcarriers.

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The first step in the modulation process is to place data that is to be transmitted through a particular channel into the codewords for that channel. UpPTS and the subframe after a special subframe are always allocated to uplink transmissions. In these areas Hooman has authored and designed numerous course materials as well as eLearning programs.

The following image illustrates this process. Also, CW1 is only available when using spatial multiplexing. There are two codewords defined for LTE: A physical layer PHY configuration in which both transmitter and receiver use multiple antennas. This is then divided into a total of 20 individual slots.

FDD frame type 1 In FDD mode, uplink and downlink frames are both 10ms long and are separated either in frequency or in time. Other channels go through lte slot time similar process, except that they use one codeword and Transmit Diversity only. He has conducted workshops and consulting projects with the aim of troubleshooting, and performance improvements.

Downlink The downlink frame contains the information being sent to the users that are currently connected to the base station. Otherwise, nothing else is transmitted during the guard period. Reference signals are used for channel estimation or equalization. The value M in the M-point FFT in the illustration above is the width in subcarriers of the uplink allocation assigned to the user.

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Every channel uses CW0. For full-duplex FDD, uplink and downlink frames are separated by frequency and are transmitted continuously and synchronously.

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Hooman Razani has over 10 years of industry experience in the area of technology training and consulting, in the field of advanced wireless data communication systems. Besides his role as a consultant, Hooman regularly delivers advanced technology courses in the 3G and 4G domains.

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The locations of the uplink, downlink, and special subframes are determined by the uplink-downlink configuration. The following illustration shows part of an LTE uplink frame and contains an allocation for each type of uplink channel. Subframe 6 can also be configured to be a special subframe.

PRACH formats 0, 1, 2, and 3 have a tighter subcarrier spacing of 1.

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In this case, the data is coded so that the signals from the antenna ports add together in the channel allowing the UE to equalize and demodulate the data with greater reliability. Modulation Channels and signals are handled at different stages of the transmit chain.

Codeword to layer mapping Once a physical channel's codewords have been scrambled and modulated, the codewords are mapped onto the layers. Resource block 0, N-1, 1, N-2, 2, N-3, There are seven possible configurations given in the standard. There are two types of LTE frame structure: Each uplink user transmits a Demodulation Reference Signal during certain symbols in each resource block allocated to the user.

PRACH format 4 has a subcarrier spacing of 7.

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In this example, there are four C-RS antenna ports and three layers. He has worked with practical implementations of E services and handset positioning and location-based technologies.

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The subframes may be divided into standard subframes of special subframes. Spatial Multiplexing uses multiple antenna ports to increase the data transmission capacity of the frame by using space as a third dimension in addition to time and frequency through which to send data.

Hooman began his career in the wireless telecommunication industry in PUCCH is assigned by subframe instead of by slot. There are 7 lte slot time uplink-downlink configurations. Uplink-downlink configuration Downlink to uplink switch periodicity Subframe number.

A mathematical operation performed on a time-domain signal to yield the individual spectral components that constitute the signal. Scrambling and modulation Next, the data in each codeword is scrambled using a scrambling sequence for protection against burst errors.

Roulette strategy sheet a UE is not allocated the entire spectrum, therefore M is less than or equal to N. Subframe 1 is always configured to be a special subframe. In the case of the 5ms switch point periodicity, a special subframe exists in both half frames.

The amount of rotation is determined by cyclic shift a as defined in the standard. The base station can use the information to assign good uplink allocations for the UE to transmit on.

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