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A down-shear bit slices down on a face veneer, yielding a cleaner edged cut. All routers spin a bit in the same direction — clockwise. It's nice to be able to put a decorative item or a lamp on one side and have the sim use the other side autonomously aswell.

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Align it with a try square, and clamp both ends to the workpiece. A scrap is fine, but be sure it is perfectly straight, with a square edge for the router base to reference.

Just this shallow channel helps align the parts during assembly, and the ledge it creates is enough to support the weight of a shelf and everything loaded on it.

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That was no problem to add. When the bit clears the work at the end of the cut, switch off the router and wait for the bit to stop spinning before lifting the tool from the work.

If you will push the router, position the fence on the left.

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It must be wide enough and stiff enough to resist deflecting when the router bears against it and wide enough that the clamps securing it to the work will be clear of the router as you rout the dado. Keep in mind that a snug fit of mate to dado is essential for a strong joint.

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And the offset distance is the same to either side of the line. When the bit emerges from the workpiece, ending the cut, switch off the router and let it wind to a stop before lifting it off the work.

I can do simple adding of bhavs to get my object to work differently - like this wallshelf ONLY goes on walls whereas the base object goes on the floor and it is object intersectionable which means you can place other furniture underneath.

Two good approaches are shown here: A dado cutter in a table saw hogs out through dadoes in no time at all. Plug in the router.

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When the cut is finished, suppress the big m casino ship 1 to return the tool to the starting point without retracting the bit or without switching off the power.

The cross-grain cut is the dado, the long-grain cut is the groove. Pull it; it will veer to your right.

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The sim also uses the first original slot as usual to put bills and newspapers on it and is not bothered that there is a 2nd slot on the same tile at all.