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This is a somewhat simplified view, so if you would like to know the finer points of the manufacturing process, have a look here. A few key features that make the OpenRail attractive to the Maker in us all, is the ability to span the t-slot with pre-drilled holes and use t-nuts for easy mounting to t-slot extrusion.

I can fit 12 24 awg wires in one channel still with a little breathing room.

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Building with V-Slot is much like working with lumber. Your T-Slot printer build looks awesome. When the drawings are final they will be open to anyone who wants to create the Open Rail.

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They are the perfect finishing touch to any build. Next, line up your bracket: Intergrated v rails like the MakerSlide system have been around and available as well.

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The shape of the cross section is called the profile. With these thats really not an excuse anymore. We offer freight services for large domestic and international shipments. Dimensions V-Slot comes in a variety of different sizes, and the range is expanding.

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We have many designs on the table. There are two main profiles that are useful to you: This may sound like a lot of effort, however it has many advantages. What will we do if we exceed our goal? Thats my two cents. Finally these can even add a little wire protection when it comes to sharpe channel edges.

There are no commercial limitations so small maker businesses are free to sell these extrusions to help further seed this system to others. We still have plans like we mentioned earlier for smaller wheel designs in the works.

Openbuilds C-Beam™ Linear Rail – Silver

If you want to save a bit of money, you could 3D print your own connectors: We experimented a little with these linear slide bearings as well and moved from there to creating barrel type rollers that would ride in the extrusion but the barrel rollers allowed for too much play.

They will take up much less v slot rails which will allow for smaller carriages. June 12, at 8: No sticky mount things or zip ties covering the whole rails. Alternatively, metal brackets from a hardware store can often be purchased very cheaply: Select options Dress up any build with these awesome snap in slot covers!

Finally, aluminum is very easy to work with using only basic tools.

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If we meet our goal and are able to keep manufacturing costs down, the regular retail prices are projected to be: How will the money be used? Various connectorsplatesand wheels can be purchased in differing sizes and specifications, as can be seen in this video: While this may seem like only a minor difference, it has a big impact in their use.

So, any pledges received above and beyond our KickStarter goal will be used to bring these Parts to you. I can basically make all my projects wires exit one point with super ease.