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He also becomes enraged if he is given a cookie and is not allowed more. Jack-Jack has shown the ability to turn himself into different elements. When Jack-Jack sees a giant cookie, Bob declares that he must get cookies. Jack-Jack is not seen or mentioned in the video game and is the only non-playable character of the Parr family in the Disney INFINITY games he does, however, appear in early concept art for the game, indicating he was likely to appear as who was black jack randall NPC as part of the Incredibles playset before being dropped and is mentioned directly by Helen in her in-game quotes when she is left idle, wondering how Kari is handling him.

He laughs and giggles a lot but cries whenever he is disturbed.

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If he is unable or unwilling to do so, Jack-Jack will get angry, causing him to turn into his Monster form and attack his father. Following Evelyn's arrest, the Supers are made legal again. During who was black jack randall demo, Edna reveals that listening to Mozart's music caused Jack-Jack to unleash his powers. Shortly after Bob leaves upon being contacted by Evelyn Deavor that Helen is who was black jack randall trouble, Jack-Jack and his siblings are visited by the mind-controlled "wannabe" Supers.

For instance, Jack-Jack loves Mozart's music to the point where he is stimulated by it. His powers and abilities are significant enough for his siblings to use him as a third member of a rescue team.

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In her frazzled state of mind, she hands him over to Syndrome, whom she believes to be a replacement babysitter contacted by Helen. Jack-Jack is the only member of his family who doesn't have an "i" emblem on his super-suit. Jack-Jack is left in the care of his big siblings. Jack-Jack then joins the others in laughter after Dash asks if they will have to move again.

He is strong enough to physically fight a raccoon and throw lawn furniture. He is smart and intuitive for an infant as he recognized Syndrome as an enemy and identified the exploding plane as a danger. Later, his family is moved into a motel and then into a fabulous new home after his mother gets a new job.

Helen encourages Bob to take a turn feeding Jack-Jack, which he does. Like all babies, he has enormous potential. Listening to the music, he has an epiphany about his powers. He can cling to, climb and sit on ceilings and vertical surfaces. This is usually accompanied by a blue electric effect.

In the comic series, Jack-Jack is a main character but his only used power is that of molecular transformation and appears limited to metal, fire, and monster forms. Jack-Jack's powers make this an overwhelming task as whenever he uses his dimensional travel power, Bob has to use cookies to bring him back.

When he transforms into a little monster, Jack-Jack's skin turns red and gains sharp fangs and claws, that he can use to defend himself and look intimidating. Jack-Jack uses his powers to assist in freeing the other hypnotized Who was black jack randall from Evelyn's control.

Jack-Jack Parr

Bob is overjoyed but decides to hide this from his family as it could bring Helen home. The children escape by the Incredibile and make their way to the Devtech ship where their parents are being held. He can mimic features of other people such as noses and hair. After his family drops Tony Rydinger off at the movies, he officially joins them in fighting crime.

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He can be heard and can hear others through this dimension. He was, in fact, capable of defeating Syndrome single-handed which even the rest jpark cebu casino his family combined had failed to do.

Bob leaves Jack-Jack in Edna's care, much to her delight after seeing his powers in action. Helen then removes the goggles from Bob and Lucius before embracing her children and expressing how proud she is for the children coming for them. However, thanks to Kari playing Mozart for him, he has learned of his powers and uses them fire, steel, and demon forms to escape from Syndrome who is flying up towards his hoverjet.

He laughs when his older siblings, Violet and Dashget into a fight, enjoying the action and thinking they are playing. However, he could have just general shape-shifting powers. He can lift himself into the air with his mind. He can chew and eat his way through the bars of a wooden crib. Initially, the rest of the family, who all have superpowers, believe that Jack-Jack was born without any powers.

As he is falling towards the ground, Helen catches him. By morning, Kari has been up all night and figured out how to counter his powers. Jack-Jack can move objects with his mind.

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This limitation appears to have been corrected for the sequel as seen during his fight against the raccoon. In the story arc "City of Incredibles", he plays a central role when he gets a cold and inadvertently spreads his transformation powers to others including his own familycausing their own natural superpowers to be updated to their maximum potential.

These are apparently light-based as they can be reflected easily by a hand mirror. Realizing that his dad has come to care for him more despite the latter's responsibilities, Jack-Jack giggles. Trivia According to official sources, Jack-Jack is 1 year old, is 2'4" 0.

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When Jack-Jack envelopes himself with fire, he can extend the flame to cover a large area. He can vibrate at an extremely fast rate, dislodging himself out of the arms of enemies or to shake items off.

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Jack-Jack Attack In his own mini-movie, we see what happens to him and Kari while the rest of the family is fighting Syndrome. Appearances The Incredibles Jack-Jack is first introduced being bathed in the sink by his mother, Helen as she talks on the phone to his father, Bob.

He can disappear and mysteriously reappear in another location several feet away. Any solution involving cookies will inevitably make him angry enough to not only use his Monster Transformation Power but his Self-Combustion power as well. He can fire needle thin green lasers blue in Jack-Jack Attack from his eyes. He can generate electricity.

It was planned for Jack-Jack to melt as part of his shape-shifting powers, but this idea wasn't used; it can be assumed that this was due to technical limitations at the time or the fact that it would have seemed too disturbing for younger viewers at the time.

By the time Violet who was black jack randall Dash find out Bob is so sleep-deprived from trying to reign in Jack-Jack, they call Lucius, who describes Jack-Jack's abilities as "freaky" and advises Bob to get some outside help.

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He can create duplicates of himself. In the montage scene, Jack-Jack is seen being taken care of by Bob, who has recently gained a large amount of confidence, after secretly taking a job on a remote island. Incredibles 2 In the sequel, the fight with The Underminer picks up where it left off.

He and the rest of the family are then saved from Syndrome's exploding plane thanks to Violet's force field. One of the few things that can calm him down is his mother. Jack-Jack has 17 known superpowers, potentially making him the most powerful Super in the Incredibles universe. Physical appearance Jack-Jack is small, albeit at the average size for a baby as he stands 2'6".

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Upon finding Bob, Helen, and Lucius, the children are forced to take cover in Violet's force-field as their mind-controlled parents and "Uncle Lucius" attack them, but Jack-Jack floats through the force-field and up his mother. He is not seen again until the end of the movie when Syndrome tries to kidnap him to raise him as a sidekick to get revenge on his family.

He gives him a kiss on the cheek. It's unknown if he can affect more than just himself with this ability.